Candell Corporate Seminars
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  • There will be better output and more productivity from employees 
  • Your employees with THANK YOU for promoting their better health and well being
  • Becoming OSHA compliant will raise the prestige of your company
  • Insurance premiums will drop as weight decreases
  • There will be less sick days taken by employees due to obesity related illnesses
  • It will boost the morale of your employees

Weight Loss For Corporations
The Candell Method is a unique approach to losing weight. This method addresses weight loss exactly as it is... a subconscious problem. We learn very early on in life that food feels good, it is readily available, and it is an easy reward system. Based on the pleasure seeking principle, when something gives us pleasure, we want to do more of it. This reinforces the behavior that it is acceptable to eat even when we are not hungry. Unfortunately, this is the principle that causes two thirds of Americans to be over weight. 

​How Does The Candell Method Work?

The Candell Method uses the power of hypnosis to get directly into the subconscious mind, and creates long lasting behavior changes. The Candell Method changes the way people think and act around food, and also changes their perceptions and beliefs about eating. It creates new changes that promote weight loss. It is most important to know that THIS IS NOT A DIET but a LIFESTYLE change.

How Will The Candell Method Benefit Your Employees and Your Organization?
What Does This Seminar Include?

This dynamic seminar can be suited to your time specifications. We can do presentations ranging from one hour to two hours in length. This includes cognitive behavior modification, an explanation of hypnosis, hypnotic exercises, a hypnotic induction technique, which will hypnotize the entire group (or those wishing to partake), and life changing hypnotic and post-hypnotic instructions. In order to make this seminar most effective, the people who attend will receive the following:

  • Admittance to the seminar
  • A hypnosis audio reinforcement program
  • A motivational Weight Loss Workbook

To find out more about this program, please call at 1-800-240-2750, and you can arrange for a free informational meeting, or we can help you schedule this lifestyle changing seminar. ​